.......falling, falling falling, wind rushing past you. Only seconds left to decipher what happened. No sound, no feeling, just the force hitting you in the back and taking you off the precipice. There was many reasons it could or should of happened but why right now, right when things were changing right when............You never felt the impact.

You breath, but not breathing. Alive, but not alive. A monster to some, a god to others.


Welcome to the Dark Wars

 Its War so you fight. Kill others, steal their equipment, slaughter their minions, work through missions. increase your abilities and special powers till your are the most powerful monster in the Wars. Then destory your enemies with a single tap.

Killing other monsters will earn you experience, Reputation and anything you can steal from them.

Once you are dead you wont earn Experience from your minions, your Health will jump to 50% after a few hours to get you back in the fight but you can heal quicker with health vials or spending Reputation 

Recruiting minions will increase the speed your energy rebuilds and earn you more experience while you are healed but these can and will be killed by your enemys so always check them.

As you level you can build your attack and defence abilities and your special powers to kill higher level monsters

Spend Reputation on healing or in the store on weapons and equipment.

Complete Missions to earn Reputation and win free Energy and Health refills.



More Minions will build your energy quicker and earn you xp while your still alive

Your health will jump to 50% after being dead for a few hours

Tap ABILITIES to increase your attack or defence

Tap POWERS to add special powers (you can only have a maximum of 10 power points at one time)




Tap your name to quickly use any Health Vials or Energy crystals you have or to buy more

Tap your targets name to send them a message or block them