Thank you for trying out Dark Wars, the main parts of the game are now complete but are open to changes depending on player feedback. The best way to do this is using a chat app called Palringo and joining the 'Dark Wars' room or using the in game chat though this is something that needs improvement in the future. I am a solo developer so things may take a little while.

Here are some plans for the development of Dark Wars

More items and weapons, maybe more connected to the clans not just for individuals.

More powers, especially one to help filter the attack search

More missions (new powers may be given after completing certain missions)

Events that will increase your rep and xp rewards

Adding your own Avatars at a certain level

Push notifications to announce energy full (not sure how to do this yet)

Maybe some sort of map/geo location addition to the game (just a vague idea at the moment)


thanks to all my testers, specially Queen, Wicked Fire, Beejue, Harry T Dog, Horseman, Phoenix, Lobeon, Silver, Problem and all the others. for the icons